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General Trading Company in Indonesia

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PT. PANGGIH NIAGA INDONESIA, is a young aggressive general trading company that was founded in Year 2019. We trade in a wide range of commodities. We have strong business relationships with leading suppliers in the world.

Apart from commodity trading, PT. PANGGIH NIAGA INDONESIA also offers bespoke other key services including procurement and supply & shipping solutions to customers around the world.

Our Mission:
To create sustainable and profitable growth, Adding long-term value for: Our Shareholders, Our People, Our Business Partners, Our Customers, and Our Consumers

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What Our Commodities

There are two types of our commodities.

Crude Palm Oil

CPO or palm oil is widely used as a raw material for the industry of food and non-food industry. Palm oil is used as a food product derived from palm oil and palm kernel oil through fractionation processes and hidrogenesis, with cholesterol levels ranged from 360-620 ppm with cholesterol levels only about 10 ppm or 0.001% of the CPO.

Raw Chasew Nut

Indonesia especially Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara are big sources of raw cashew nuts. The quality of Indonesia raw cashew nuts are always being searched by International market. we deal directly with farmers and ensure the best quality.

Our People

The professional team is the most important advantage of the Company. Experience, knowledge and energy is a guarantee of success for the Company that takes place at high competitive commodities market of. The team of PT. PANGGIH NIAGA INDONESIA are different people with own individuality